Use these simple steps to solve problems in your life

Problems are common to every human in this world. But some people are don’t know how to face those problems properly. You may also have many problems. But these simple steps will help you to come up with a solution.

1.Understand the problem and analyse the situation.

Before you search for a solution the very first thing that you have to do is understand the problem. Don’t skip the problem. It does not make things better. You have to face it. If it is difficult to understand the problem, analyse it in this way. Think how it happened and why. The current situation of the problem. How things get worse. To understand the problem better you can discuss it with someone who you can trust and understand.

2.Discuss with a friend.

Most of the time, friends, relatives the people who love you, will help you to solve your problem at least they will make you feel better. So discuss with someone who you can trust. But be careful to don’t share it to everyone you know because sometimes your problem can be worse. So always choose people who you can trust.

3.Find the people who had the same situation and think positive.

There may be many people who had problems that similar to your problem and many of those people have shared their problems with internet. Find those people who had a similar problem to yours and read their stories. You can get an understand how did they faced for those problems and overcome them. Reading those experiences of others will make you feel better. Not only that you will be able to understand more about your current situation and apply some of their solutions for your problem.

When you do this you should keep in your mind, your problem is not the end of the world. Try to think positive always. If you think negatively, it won’t help you to solve the problem.

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4.Write down the problem and solutions.

Write down the problem is a very good step. Believe me. I have that experience. It makes you relax. Not completely, but up to some level, it makes you feel better. While you’re writing the problem you will realize the missing pieces of the problem. And you can go a little bit further with this method. You can also write down the things that you feel because of your problem.

After you write down the problem, start to write down the solutions. It is better if you started as soon as you finish writing the problem. Don’t stick to one solution. May be some of those solutions are useless, but it is ok to write as much as you can.

5.Brainstorming and planning.

After writing down the solutions, think about them one by one. Some of them maybe not good or not practical, but there will be few good solutions. Select those solutions and think more. Best solution for you may not be there, but those solutions will help you to come up with a better solution.

After you get a better solution think how you are going to do it. Think about the possibilities and plan it how you are going to do it. “what if I do it in this way, or there may be another way” you choose, There are always multiple solutions for any problem. You just have to pick up the most suitable plan for you. You are the one who faced that problem, so you are the one who knows what suit you more. and remember, don’t stick to a one plan always be sure to make a plan B.

6.See a counselor.

Still, you don’t have a solution or you weren’t able to solve your problem. That mean still you are in a position that you can’t realize anything yourself. Then you should meet a counselor. They have knowledge and experience working with problems. They will help you to find a solution.

7.Put your plan into action.

Finally, it is the time for you to put your plan into action. Be Careful and always think about the possibilities that can come with your plan. So, be careful if something goes wrong, go to the first step again or put your plan B into action. After you see little success with your plan, don’t quit from it. stick with it and try to make things even better.


New window to those who need help

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